A comprehensive approach to allowing customers to suit their demands
Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery service
Stockless – Low unit of measure direct to a department/unit
Customized invoice/packing slip and reporting solutions
Home health agency – Direct delivery service
Online tracking, confirmation, and billing management solutions


“Life Care Supplies is a single source provider for all of your medical and pharmaceutical product needs. Life Care Supplies strives to continue to be a leading mail-order health care provider through the delivery of health care products, value added services, and quality processes designed to integrate customer needs. Life Care Supplies combines an extensive product line with competitive pricing and personalized service to meet our customer’s demands.

We focus on building strong partnerships with our strategic partners and customers enabling us to provide the best and most cost-efficient products.

We utilize an integrated supply chain and logistics solutions to control costs, improve efficiencies and increase effectiveness. Life Care Supplies consolidates product orders from hundreds of manufacturers into formulary-specific deliveries for our hospital and alternate-site partners. Our capabilities extend to the daily management of logistics, inventory and administrative activities.

My focus from the beginning has always been to make Life Care Supplies the best company we could possibly be. Life Care Supplies is one of the fastest growing, most successful medical companies in the world because of our ability to combine top quality products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing on medical supplies. Our passion, flexibility and commitment to succeed drive our company to be the best. I think the best way to accomplish this is through relationships. We have good people who instill confidence in our customers and strategic partners, and their confidence will bring reward for us all. That’s what differentiates us from the competition.”
Sasha Nedic, President C.E.O.

Let us use our expertise combined with our tools and services to help customers select the products that make the most sense for their staff and their bottom line. Specialized product offerings and services that can boost productivity and lower supply-related costs. As opposed to most suppliers who focus on private-label or generic products, Life Care Supplies works to lower costs with brand-name products that our customer’s have come to trust.

We can accept orders placed via: phone, fax, email or online. Customers are able to place orders, search for products, view purchase history, and get confirmations electronically through our online product catalog.

On-site, trained customer service staff with multiple years of combined experience available (248) 366-7000. Our staff is available from 8am until 5pm, Monday through Friday and will be readily available to discuss product information, order tracking, pricing comparisons, and product substitutions.

Whether you are an end user customer ordering your diabetic or mail- order pharmaceutical products or a large managed Health Care Organization, Life Care Supplies goal is to take care of all your supply needs so you don’t have to worry!

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